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Volume 3, Number 12, December 2013

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Volume 3, Number 12, December 2013
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Abstract: This work aims at potential fields generated by point sources in conductive perforated fragments of spherical shells. Such fields are interpreted as profiles of Greens functions of relevant boundary-value problems stated in multiply-connected regions for Laplace equation written in geographical coordinates. Those are efficiently computed by a modification of the method of functional equations, with closed analytical forms preliminary obtained for Greens functions for the corresponding simply-connected regions.


Key words: Greens function, Laplace equation, spherical coordinates, surfaces with apertures.


Abstract: In Hungary a general agricultural census (AC) was carried out in 2000, followed in 2001 by the population and housing census. The two censuses had been designed separately.  Originally the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) did not plan the joint analysis of the data of the two censuses. Following the censuses users and researchers expressed the view that linking the data of the two databases would represent a value-added in the use of the data and the joint utilization of the databases of the two censuses was examined. The databases were matched and the aggregated handling of the information increased the potential for analysing both censuses and allowed further, more sophisticated investigations. By means of the databases of the two censuses, the first opportunity arose for matching the discrete data of the surveys. The precondition of the matching of the data was the conformity of the respective metadata of the two operations. „Private holding and „dwelling-household were the categories applicable as the smallest unit for the matching. The links between the private holdings and the households could be based on the identity of the persons living in the dwelling. The matching of the data required the use of individual identity codes. With the matching process used a joint database of the agricultural and population censuses was set up providing new approaches for gender disaggregated analysis. By using the linked database, the HCSO issued a series of publications on the households living in agricultural private holdings in the countryside. This presentation describes the method of matching the databases of the two censuses.


Key words: Censuses, integration of censuses, matching method


Abstract: Fluctuations of the world oil prices affect economic performance. Outside the impact on the sector of energy production, the rising oil price has consequences on inflationary pressures and a deteriorating fiscal position of Burkina Faso. In this context, studying the impact of rising oil prices on the economy, especially the cost of living of its population has a great interest because although many studies have attempted to link «oil prices» and «cost of living», very few have focused on the specific case of Burkina Faso. This allows us to make our contribution to this construction literature. This contribution will consist to highlight the relation between changes in oil prices and the cost of living in Burkina Faso. Also to be reached, we will find the best indicator to reflect the cost of living in Burkina Faso, identify the suitable econometric model for estimating the correlation and verify the existence of the relation between oil prices and the cost of living. For a better approach to this study, we used a VAR (Vector Auto-Regressive) model. Also, we will use documentary research that will make an assessment on the existing in terms of theoretical debates around the theme, descriptive statistics that will help to introduce and describe the variables used in the study, and econometric analysis will analyze and estimate the parameters of our objective function using Eviews.


Key words: Inflationary pressure, vector autoregressive


Abstract: The purpose of the study was to use the Problem-Centered Double-Cycles Instructional Model (PCDC-IM) (1995, Chang) to help the teacher (Lin) implement model-eliciting activity (MEA) in her mathematics classes. In this study, there were 31 students divided in 10 groups and engaged in the MEA Who saved the oriental cherry trees. Data collections included the learning sheets, journals and debriefing forms of students, teaching and reflection journals, observation reports, and field notes of teachers, reflection journals and interview reports of researchers, video tapes and records of the classes and meetings. There were four parts of the teaching cycle in PCDC-IM, namely task, guidance, environment and analysis. We summarized developing and implementing the MEA in Task aspect, 5 principles and 5 kinds of teachers roles in Guidance aspect, 2 elements and 5 features in Environment aspect and data in Analysis aspect. The findings showed that PCDC-IM was helpful for mathematics teachers who want to change their instruction from lecture into modeling teaching.


Key words: Instructional model, model-eliciting activity, action research


Abstract: Developing nations, like Nigeria, whose financial systems and infrastructural base are not yet fully developed face data rendition challenges which may hamper the representativeness of their interest rate statistics.A critical component of any credible interest rate data compilation framework relates to the sampling procedure.In Nigeria, no work has been done with regards to employing alternatives sampling techniques in the computation of interest rate statistics largely because of the small number of deposit money banks in the country. Leveraging on existing literature and established statistical methods, the study examines two sampling techniques for generating credible and reliable interest rates in Nigeria. The current interest rate compilation framework in the country is presented and alternative sampling procedures were explored with a view to investigating their appropriateness for Nigerias interest rate computation. The interest rates generated based on the current population-based compilation method is compared with those of the alternative approaches. This paper recommends the use of purposive sampling method that covers Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) which account for about 70.0 per cent of the banking sector total assets as an appropriatealternative. 


keywords: Banking sector, deposit money bank, electronic data submission


Abstract: Singular authorship of The Tale of Genji, which is the greatest accomplishment in classical Japanese literature, is doubtful. In this study, we statistically analyze whether the author of Uji Jujo, which comprises the last ten chapters of the Tale of Ganji, is same as that of other chapters by using statistical analyses such as principal component analysis and random forests. The result of the analyses of word frequency shows that there is no obvious difference in word usage between the ten chapters and others. Thus, we conclude that it is highly possible that the chapters author is same as that of others.


Keywords: Stylometry, authorship attribution, classical Japanese literature, principal component analysis, random forests


Abstract: In this paper, a numerical modeling tool is described which can be used to explore various aspects of four dimensional variational data assimilation and parameter estimation arising in geophysical, environmental, biological and engineering sciences. A major component of this tool is a coupled chaotic dynamical system obtained by coupling two versions of the well-known Lorenz (1963) model with different time scales which differ by a certain time-scale factor. A tangent linear model and its adjoint are considered that correspond to a coupled chaotic system. The general idea of applying sensitivity measures (sensitivity functions) to coupled systems, emphasizing the data assimilation aspects, is explored as well by the forward sensitivity approach. For this purpose the set of sensitivity equations is derived from the nonlinear equations of the coupled dynamical system. To estimate the influence of model parameter uncertainties on the simulated state variables the relative error in the energy norm is used.


Key words: Data assimilation, dynamical system, sensitivity analysis.


On Simultaneous Exact Controllability

Gustavo Perla Menzala and Boris Kapitonov


Abstract: We consider a mixed problem for a system describing the evolution of sound in a compressible fluid. We describe how to treat a simultaneous exact boundary controllability problem in the sense proposed by J.L. Lions as well as D. Russell. By using convenient modified multipliers we obtain an observability inequality provided suitable geometric condition on the domain is valid and the speed velocity of the models are related.


Key words: Exact controllability, multipliers technique, Hilbert uniqueness method.




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